Falls Park

Idaho Falls is the largest city east of Idaho’s capital and offers a welcoming business environment, some of the lowest utility rates in the country, and leisure opportunities second to none.

Beautiful park with a fishing pond, playground, picnic areas, and scenic dam views. It also has some historic areas/signage. Read on for some ideas.


This amazing city park has a variety of unique areas. It has a playground, fishing pond, trails, and picnic area with beautiful views of the waterfalls.

This stunning waterfall is best viewed in the spring when there’s a higher water flow. Water levels can be diminished during the summer due to river diversions for irrigation and hydroelectric needs.

The gushing waters of Cauldron Linn roar through the canyon, forming two sequential waterfalls. These waterfalls were named by Wilson Price Hunt party members who lost their canoes at the falls.

Located near the I-90 and Post Falls Dam, this beautiful park has a 0.6-acre stocked fishing pond. Visitors can also enjoy the scenic view of the gorge, nature trails, and waterfalls. This park also features restrooms and an open area for events and picnicking.


Whether you want to enjoy the beauty of the park or relax on one of its many picnic tables, there are plenty of options. The picnic areas also offer access to the trails, a playground, and restrooms.

Avista’s Post Falls Dam is the backdrop to this family-friendly park, which features a fishing pond with accessible paved paths, historical interpretive areas, and great views of the gorge and dam. You can also access the Coeur d’Alene River and hiking trails.

Pronounced “ka-mee-lin” this 78.5-acre park is south of the Spokane River at the end of the Spokane Street Bridge. It includes a guarded swimming beach, boat launch, BBQ pits, picnic shelters, horseshoe pits, and volleyball courts. This park also has a large covered Grand Pavilion 60’x120’ and the Trailhead Event Center that is available for reservation. Visit this site!


In addition to a playground, picnic shelters, and scenic views of the dam and gorge, Falls Park offers a fishing pond. The pond was opened nine years ago to provide fishing opportunities for children and those with disabilities.

Thirteen-year-old Evan Semerad is one of those kids. He rides his bike or his parents’ minivan to the park, which is located on Fourth Avenue west of Spokane Street.

However, the pond is closed for the 2023 season because of an infestation of Chinese mystery snails, which were illegally introduced into the pond. The invasive species can clog water intakes and negatively impact native snail populations. IDFG and Avista will use a variety of mechanical, chemical, and physical removal techniques during the remainder of 2023. The pond will reopen next spring if the snails are eradicated.

Nature Trails

The park features a popular fishing pond, playground, and picnic areas. Its trails offer scenic dam views.

The forested area along Liberty Creek is home to a number of impressive cedars and waterfalls. The trails are a great place for hiking and mountain biking. Special activities such as marathons, triathlons, and bicycle rallies require a special permit from the Coeur d’Alene Parks Department.

This ride starts on the North Idaho Centennial Trail that runs parallel to Interstate 90 in the Coeur d’Alene area. The route offers mostly flat terrain with a few short climbs. It also offers scenic lake views near Cougar Bay.


Post Falls Landing opened in 2021 along the Spokane River across from Avista’s North Channel Dam and is managed by the City of Post Falls. The multi-functional outdoor space and gathering plaza provide exciting new opportunities for recreation, music, events, and more.

The park features three covered shelters, accessible paved paths, a playground, picnic areas, historical areas, and signage as well as a fishing pond, where the roar of the dam can be heard. Check our next area of interest here.



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