Treaty Rock Park

Treaty Rock Park is a beautiful landmark and park to visit while in Post Falls ID. It has wooded hiking trails, and picnic areas and is a great place to take the kids!

In June of 1871, Chief Seltice and Frederick Post negotiated an agreement that granted Post 200 acres on both sides of Little Falls to build a sawmill. This agreement was commemorated on what is now known as Treaty Rock. More by clicking here.


In June of 1871 chief Seltice of the Coeur d’Alene tribe and German settler Frederick Post made a deal that granted Post 200 acres along both sides of the Spokane River to build a mill in exchange for his providing processed lumber to the tribe. The agreement was painted on what has become known as Treaty Rock. While no formal treaty was signed at the site historians believe it may be the only place in America where a compact with a native tribe was drawn on stone.

This park is a great spot complete with a handicapped-accessible playground and exciting views of a seasonal waterfall falling into the Spokane River. Pictographs are encased in plexiglass to protect them from vandals and three interpretive signs convey both the tribal history of the area as well as that of Frederick Post himself.


Located near the town of Post Falls, this picturesque park and locale conveys a historic treaty between an early settler, Frederick Post, and Andrew Seltice, a Coeur d’Alene tribal leader. The pictographs and engraving, carved in the rock face of this site by Post and Seltice, are now covered with plexiglass to protect the carvings from vandalism.

This is a great location for hiking, picnics, and exploring the history of the area. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992.

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Post Falls is on the border between Idaho and Washington and offers a variety of outdoor activities. The city also has a variety of restaurants that range from classic American cuisine to exotic world flavors. The city is a great place for families with children as it has numerous parks and play places that include walking trails.

The Spokane River runs right through Post Falls and is a popular destination for water sports. You can enjoy swimming, rafting, or kayaking on the river. You can also check out the beautiful Falls Park and the waterfall that gives the city its name.

The town is working on a solution to reduce algae blooms and bacteria in the Spokane River by using trees to filter wastewater during the summer. This is a win-win for the town and the environment.


Post Falls is served by Interstate 90, the primary east-west highway in northern Idaho. The city is also home to the Spokane International Airport, providing domestic and international air passenger service. The city is also served by local and regional bus services.

The town is full of great places to explore, including the Coeur d’Alene National Forest, Mica Peak, and Falls Park waterfall. Other popular activities include kayaking and boating in the Spokane River, fishing on the Spokane River, or hiking the many trails in the area.

In 1871, Chief Seltice and Frederick Post signed a treaty on the rock now known as “Treaty Rock.” The inscription is now protected from vandals behind plexiglass. This is one of the only places in the United States where a treaty was recorded on rock.


Post Falls is a hidden gem that offers a variety of unique experiences. From the heart-pumping 59:Escape Room Adventures to the scenic Falls Park, this city has something for everyone. Moreover, the Post Falls Museum and Stateline Speedway offer thrills for racing enthusiasts and beer lovers respectively.

Located along the Spokane River, Corbin Park is ideal for family picnics and romantic outings. The park offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and a tranquil atmosphere for reflection. It is also a great place to spot wildlife.

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